in-depth review - ZORA IR LED Gaming Mouse wins Best Value Award on TweakTown

23rd Dec 2015
The Zora “feels very good under our hand , there is no way the Zora will get past your grip. While black mice are exactly that, black, EpicGear adds in a bold, bright orange color giving the Zora a truly unique presence on the desk.
The buttons are solid, and every click is audible, but the force required to press the switches is not too much. As Goldilocks says, they are "just right." With ten million clicks at your disposal, it will be a long time before you can claim to be close to wearing out the switches.
The Avago sensor is smooth in combination with software setting;Bass or vibrations do not lead to jitter, and with its adjustable weighting it just seemed to float across the desk.
 it is a great product, and for right around $50, we have no reason that you should not be investing time looking into the Zora as your next mouse. Those of you lucky enough to have direct access to the Zora, it is right up there with mice offered at nearly double the cost. We do find it hard to find fault with any aspect of this design.”
Chad Sebring of TweakTown.
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