25th Apr 2016
"Standing alone, the DeFiant is a unique design, which nobody else has sent to us for testing before. We love the idea of simplicity in the way the EG MMS works, so if you feel you want to change certain keys you can, and if a switch dies, you simply click in another one, and off you go..... it is hard to knock EpicGear for the effort made with this design. It seems they have thought of everything and have taken a lot of the skills needed to modify the standard keyboard away. This allows even the most basic mechanical keyboard user a chance to step up their game and have a DeFiant that is set up exactly to your specific needs and desires. There aren't many on the market that even consider most of this, and as far as we know, there are none that makes swapping switches this easy. EpicGear has a trendsetting design on their hands, and when this keyboard does hit the shelves, we feel a lot of people are going to want to get their hands-on one.” Chad Sebring of TweakTown.
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