EpicGear DeFiant EG MMS Mechanical Keyboard Kit Review From Legit Reviews

17th Dec 2016
"...The EpicGear DeFiant EG MMS (Modular-matrix structure) key switches are able to easily be removed from the unit and replaced with other switches by using the included extraction tool. These switches use a body type and mechanism very similar to Cherry MX switches and aren’t similar to switches from Kailh, Gateron, KBTalking, or any other manufacturer I’ve researched. EpicGear says that these switches are unique and patented, so whichever manufacturer they’ve sourced them from is likely only making the switch for these EpicGear keyboards, for now. Our sample unit was shipped with the EG MMS Purple switch, which is very similar to a Cherry MX Blue.  Each key offers actuation at 1.5mm with a 50 gram actuation force rating, which should be ideal for gamers who want fast response without needing too heavy a hand." by Sean Sinha on Dec 13, 2016

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