EpicGear Thunderouz and Melodiouz Gaming Headsets Review from PureOverclock

1st Mar 2017
"...Now, let’s summarize the Thunderouz headset. It was a clear choice in being the best sounding headset I’ve listened to within it’s bracket. Even gaming sounds shined very nicely, music listening is a pure joy and movies and TV shows sound great. I mention this in my video, but so far the only headset I’ve heard that tops the sound the Thunderouz offers is at $150. We’ll get to the price of this guy in the conclusion, but let’s just say it’s a lot less. I doubt you’ll find a better sounding headset in anything that cost $100 or less, with even some more expensive ones having trouble competing with this set. I’m pretty confident that the combination of an external amp with an analog connection combine to give a really good quality listening experience..."  by  on Feb 10, 2017

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