NEW PRODUCT: Morpha X - Fully Modular Gaming Mouse

22nd Mar 2017
Redefine Modular Gaming Mouse – EpicGear launches MORPHA X RGB Fully Modular Gaming Mouse
This flagship product has taken gaming mouse customization to a new level by implementing MSC™ (Modular-Sensor-Cartridge) and MSS™ (Modular-Switch-Structure) Technology, as well as enhanced design using an adjustable weight & balancing system, and fully customizable RGB LED lighting and detachable mouse shells.

Taipei, Taiwan – March 21, 2017 –  EpicGear, the leading brand in professional gaming peripherals, today announced the latest innovation the MORPHA X RGB Fully Modular Gaming Mouse. Designed and based on feedback from the gaming enthusiast and community, MORPHA X RGB Fully Modular Gaming Mouse implements MSC™ (Modular-Sensor-Cartridge) for easy switching laser and optical sensor, as well as MSS™ (Modular-Switch-Structure) which enables the swapping of switches with different click resistance. MORPHA X, the flagship RGB modular gaming mouse redefines modular gaming mouse and further expands EpicGear’s range of gaming peripherals.   

MSC™ (Modular-Sensor-Cartridge) and MSS™ (Modular-Switch-Structure)
Designed with MSC™ (Modular-Sensor-Cartridge), MORPHA X allows easy switching between optical and laser sensors. Using the included Modular Senor Cartridges, the MORPHA X equipped with an 8,200 DPI laser sensor and the latest 12,000 DPI IR LED sensor for improved accuracy and precision targeting, gamers can choose the sensor which is right for their game and handle any situation.

Gamers with specific preferences on micro-switches will be impressed with the MSS™ (Modular-Switch-Structure) which allows the swapping of micro-switches including, EG Purple – Pro, Omron 50 million click lifespan and EG Orange - Medium, Omron 20 million click lifespan each with a different click resistance.

Co-developed by pro gamers, every line and curve of the symmetrically shaped, right-handed MORPHA X, is designed for superior support providing a perfectly balanced grip. The separated button-cover design provides absolute clicking precision and feedback, while the adjustable weight system provides hassle-free flexibility and adjustment of the MORPHA X to the preferred weight and balance. A total of 20g across four 5g pieces can be placed in the four internal slots.

MORPHA X also incorporates RGB customizable lighting color and brightness to match each gamer’s style, system or environment. Away-From-Mouse (AFM) Ambient Lighting is a programmable feature via GUI software. All lights start to glow in RGB radiance when being left stationary for 20 seconds. All lights will resume normal when movement is detected. MORPHA X can be tuned using the dedicated GUI software. Angle-snapping, lift-off distance, button assignment, DPI, profiles, and USB report rate, just to name a few. MORPHA X also offers detachable mouse shells with grey and white schemes.


  Sensor Type
IR LED / Laser
IR LED 12,000 dpi
Laser 8,200 dpi
92.6 g (excl. sensors, cable and weights)
 Weight Management
4x 5g weights (20g in total)
 Tracking Speed
IR LED 250 IPS; Laser 150 IPS
IR LED 50G; Laser 30G
  Report Rate
125 - 1,000 Hz
  (straight movement)
7 durable Omron keys; 6 customizable in software
Gaming Profiles
5; Dedicated LED colors
afm Ambient Lighting
Yes, Scroll wheel
Macro Sets
15; Customizable in software
Measurements  (LxWxH)
126.5x66.5x40 mm
2 years

Equipped with the mouse: IR LED sensor cartridge + EG Purple + Grey Shell + 5g weights x4
Extra accessories in the package: Laser sensor cartridge + EG Orange + White Shell + Puller

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