EpicGear Morpha X Fully Modular Gaming Mouse Review From TweakTown

15th Jun 2017
"...Would it not be nice to have choices? This is where EpicGear steps in, with a mouse designed to deliver modularity and customization. Rather than locking their customers down to a single product in a pass or fail aspect of your potential purchase, they have taken some of what was so popular in their Defiant keyboard, and transferred it over to a mouse. This means that the switches can be changed for the right and left click buttons, but EpicGear does not stop there. EpicGear has decided to go even further, to allow their clients to swap out the sensor, as various sensor types work best in different applications, and they also send this new mouse with a pair of suits for it to wear." by Chad Sebring on May 11, 2017

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