News - EpicGear CUP 2014 Debut

19th Feb 2014
EpicGear hosts far-reaching League of Legends tournament series for every skill level
International EpicGear Cup runs for 12 months starting 24th February 2014
Taipei, Taiwan – 20th February 2014 EpicGear, international vendor of high-quality and competitively-oriented gaming peripherals, announces the EpicGear Cup – a League of Legends tournament series taking part once a month over a whole year. The tournament equally addresses both international and national teams of every skill level that are eager to try to reach the finals via the open qualifiers. In the finals the four best qualifying teams will have the chance to compete with four yet to be announced professional teams for a 1,000 EUR prize. Following the ‘Winner Takes All’ rule, only one team will win everything. The EpicGear Cup will be hosted by famous casters like Maxim ‘LetsReadSmallBooks’ Markow and Kevin ‘Affenklappe’ Steinbach. They will not only provide commentary for all the exciting matches, but also analyze and explain game mechanics for new players. As part of the successful Freaks 4U Gaming network, the EpicGear Cup has its own tournament website. Until 16:00 CET on 24th February 2014, up to 1,024 teams from all over the world have the chance to sign up for this massive League of Legends tournament series and participate in the competition on the very same day.
Alongside the announcement of this tournament, EpicGear presents the AnurA gaming mouse. Perfectly engineered for a fully-fledged MOBA play-style; left or right-handed players can use either tip or claw grip at their discretion. Furthermore it features the patented HDST™ sensor technology for increased precision. Accompanied by the high-end mechanical gaming keyboard, the DeziMator, League of Legends players gain access to the most devastating gaming combination available.
The EpicGear Cup is another bold foray into the eSports community after claiming the status of primary sponsors for the pro-gaming team mousesports only one month ago. 

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