in-depth review - ThunderouZ EG-AMP GAMING HEADSET wins Best Features Award on Tweaktown

23rd Feb 2016
Overall, the ThunderouZ provides quality features and a decent design for the same price when compared to other headsets at its price point. While not a clear winner in the gaming sector, I would suggest picking up this headset if you're looking for something that has the extra looks and feel that you're after. [...]
EpicGear has proven that it can make a quality gaming headset with this product, showing that its research and development team has paid some great attention to detail and will continue to improve on future models. There's some great upsides and downsides on offer here; I'm quite excited to see what EpicGear develops next, but this is an excellent beginning with some good features.
Chris Smith from TweakTown.
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