EG MMS Switch 24 Pack

EG defined switch specifications - 70 million clicks lifespan
  • High-strength alloy contact plates
  • Patented double-blade & dual-cross contacting area
  • 30μ gold plated contacting area
  • Available in EG GREY/ORANGE/PURPLE Switches


The EG MMS™ Switch 24 Pack is a retail packaged EG MMS™ switches available in EG Grey, EG Orange or EG Purple switches. Users can mix and match different switch types on one keyboard by preference.


  • EG MMS™ - Modular-matrix Structure mechanical switches
  • Switch Types:
           -EG Grey: Linear
           -EG Orange: Tactile
           -EG Purple: Tactile & Audible Click
  • Actuation Point: 1.5±0.2mm
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Bottom Travel: 4mm
  • Life Span: 70-million keystrokes
  • High-strength alloy contact plates
  • Double-blade contact points, patented
  • Dual-cross contacting area, patented
  • 30μ gold plated contacting area
  • Package includes 24 pcs of switches and a 2-in-1 keycap & switch puller
  • 6 months manufacture warranty*
*Note: EpicGear manufacture warranty covers defects caused by manufacturing. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, including but not limited to breakage caused by abuse, improper usage, water damage or other causes outside of the manufacturing process.

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