Ambidextrous HDST™ Gaming Mouse
  • ambidextrous gaming ergonomic design
  • HDST™ with dpi of up to 6030
  • jitter-free precision
  • ultra low lift-off distance of 1mm


Ambidextrous Gaming Ergonomics

Co-developed by pro gamers, the AnurA is an ambidextrous gaming mouse made for gliding agility with total control in mind. The ergonomic was thoroughly studied and analyzed for rapid mouse movements often associated with the claw and tip grip types of gamers. The shorter and lighter chassis of the agile AnurA is the meanest fast-kill weapon for both hands. 

                    Ambidextrous control-focused ergonomics
                        Buttons on both sides
                         are positioned not to
                         interfere with the index and little fingers

                                                      Claw and tip grip focused  concavity
                                                       with anti-slip textured surface


One mouse, Two Sensors, Three Modes

AnurA is equipped with EpicGear’s patented Hybrid Dual Sensor Technology with dpi of up to 6030 and jitter-free precision.


                                                                                                                           Simply choose the desired type of sensing mode
                                                                                                                           on the bottom of 
AnurA for laser, optical or HDST


 - 3 Switchable Sensing Modes: Laser, Optical and HDST(Laser + Optical)
- Advanced Algorithm Logic Technology to Restrain Common Problems of Jitter, Skip and Drift
- Sensitivity of up to 6030dpi
     Optical Mode : 400/800/1600/3200 dpi (4 levels)
     HDSTMode : 4 customizable DPI  levels via GUI of up to 4800dpi
     Laser Mode : 4 customizable DPI  levels via GUI of up to 6030dpi
- Minimal Lift-off Distance of 1mm for Extreme Precision
- Tracking Speed of up to 200 ipsHDST Mode
- Acceleration Speed of up to 30 G HDST Mode
- Longevity Gaming Keys of 10 Million Clicks
- USB 2.0 Full Speed: 1000Hz Report Rate
- 11 Programmable Buttons
- 5 Gaming Profiles with Customizable LED Color 
-15 Customizable Long Macro Sets
- ARM 32-bit Cortex-M3 CPU
- Onboard Memory of 128KB
- On-the-fly DPI Change
- Independent X/Y Axle Change via GUI@ Laser Mode
- Supports Driverless Plug-and-Play
-Angle Snapping Support @ Laser Mode
-Ultra Swift Big-size PTFE Feet
- 2 Meter X-Braided Cable
-Support Microsoft Windows®8 / Windows® 7  / XP 32 & 64bit OS
-Weight: 102g (excluding cable)
-Size (mm): 116.6(L) x 69.5(W) x 40(H)
-2-Year Warranty
- Suggested Suitable Grip Type: See EpicGear’s Grip Meter 

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