MorphA X

Modular gaming mouse
  • Easily exchangeable optical and laser sensors
  • Swappable micro switches with different click resistance
  • Detachable mouse shells with personalized color schemes
  • Adjustable Weight & Balancing System


MorphA X has taken gaming mouse customization to a new level by implementing MSC™ - Modular-Sensor-Cartridge - for easy exchange between two different types of sensors, laser and optical sensor. Another innovation of the MorphA X called MSS™ - Modular-Switch-Structure - enables users to easily swap out micro switches with different click resistance.

MorphA X can be further customized via dedicated GUI software on angle-snapping, lift-off-distance, button assignment, DPI, profiles, USB report rate, and RGB LED lighting, just to name a few. Co-developed by pro gamers, every line and curve of the symmetrically shaped, right-handed MorphA X, is designed for superior support providing a perfectly balanced grip.

The separated button-cover design provides absolute clicking precision and feedback, while the adjustable weight system provides hassle-free flexibility of adjusting MorphA X to the preferred weight and balance.

Redefine Modular Gaming Mouse
MSC™ – Modular-Sensor-Cartridge
MSC™ allows easy swapping between two different types of sensors.

Via the included Modular-Sensor-Cartridges, the MorphA X features an 8200 dpi laser sensor and the latest 12000 dpi IR LED sensor.

MSS™ - Modular-Switch-Structure

Gamers with specific preferences on micro-switches will be benefited with MSS™ - Modular-Switch-Structure which enables the exchange of micro-switches with different click resistanceThe MSS™ Technology features two different types of switches. 
EG Orange – medium (20 million click lifespan)
EG Purple – pro (50 million click lifespan)
MorphA X micro-switches are optimized with a lighter rapid fire click and absolute precision, ensuring users an amazing gaming experience.

Detachable Mouse Shells with Personalized Color Schemes
MorphA X offers quickly and easily detachable mouse shells with two color schemes, grey and white.

Adjustable Weight & Balancing System
Easily adjustable weight and balance system provides hassle-free flexibility of adjusting MorphA X to the preferred weight and balance. A total of 20g with four 5g pieces to be placed in the four slots, from top down.

RGB LED lighting
MorphA X features customizable RGB LED lighting which can be programmed via GUI software. 
AFM Ambient Lighting
The Away-From-Mouse (AFM) ambient lighting mode is a lighting effect which all lights on MorphA X will start to glow in RGB radiance when being left stationary for 20 seconds. All lights will resume normal when movement is detected. AFM is a programmable feature via GUI software.
Timeless Gaming Ergonomics
Symmetrical right-handed design provides superior support and balancing grip, while separated button-cover design provides absolute clicking precision and consistent feedback.


  • EG MSC™ - Modular-Sensor-Cartridge:                              - 12000 dpi IR LED sensor cartridge                                            - 8200 dpi laser sensor cartridge
  • EG MSS™ - Modular-Switch-Structure:                                  - EG Orange – medium, EG Purple – pro (from light to heavy)
  • Adjustable lift-off distance with auto-calibration feature
  • Adjustable angle-snapping
  • Customizable RGB LED colors
  • On-the-fly sensitivity change
  • Adjustable report rate: 125~1000Hz
  • Optical sensor cartridge: Up to 250ips tracking speed & 50G acceleration
  • Laser sensor cartridge: Up to 150ips tracking speed & 30G acceleration
  • AFM Ambient Lighting mode
  • 7 longevity buttons with 6 programmable
  • Lock-down function
  • 5 gaming profiles with dedicated LED color assignment
  • Ultra swift big-size PTFE mouse feet
  • 1.8 meter X-braided cable with gold plated USB connector
  • Approx. size in mm: 126.5(L) x 66.5(W) x 40(H)
  • Approx. weight: 92.6g excluding sensors, cable & weights
  • Adjustable weight & balance system: 5g x 4 weights, 20g in total
  • 2 year manufacture warranty *
*Note: warranty covers defects caused by manufacturing. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, including but not limited to breakage caused by abuse, improper usage, water damage or other causes outside of the manufacturing process.

**Note: Equipped with the mouse:  
IR LED sensor cartridge + EG Purple + Grey Shell + 5g weights x4
               Extra accessories in the package: 
Laser sensor cartridge + EG Orange + White Shell + Puller

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