Gaming Mouse Mat - Precision
  • Precision-focused unique weave pattern designed
  • Optimized for all sensor types and settings
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Three different models and two different sizes


Absolute precision, absolute consistency
Co-developed by pro-gamers, the GryphuZ gaming surface series focuses on precision. The unique weave pattern provides pixel-precise tracking responsiveness with a balance between slick and friction for consistent in-game accuracy.

All sensors, all sensitivities
All sensor types and sensitivities have been tested for during the development of GryphuZ gaming surface. From high sense laser sensor, low sense optical sensor to EpicGear’s own HDST-Hybrid Dual Sensor system, whatever the sensor type and setting, the GryphuZ gaming surface provides consistent in-game precision throughout.
Available in three different models and two different sizes
The GryphuZ PRO and PRO X have the same ideal dimension of 400mm in length, 350mm in width and the heavy-cushioning thickness of 6mm. The PRO model has the black-out finished surface, while the PRO X features a full-frame sublimation printed EG visual.
The GryphuZ Ultimate (ULT) is the extended full-size version with 930mm in length, 320mm in width and 3mm in thickness. The ULT also features the full-frame sublimation printed EG visual with anti-fraying stitched frame.



  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Anti-fraying stitched frame (ULT)
  • 3 available sizes (LxWxH) :
    -    Pro : 400x350x6mm
    -    Pro X (sublimation printing) : 400x350x6mm
    -    ULT (sublimation printing + stitched frame): 930x320x3mm
  • Weight :
    -    Pro : 455g
    -    Pro X: 528.5g
    -    ULT: 531g
  • System Requirement : Gaming grade laser, optical and/or EG HDST™ gaming mice
  • 90 days manufacture warranty*
    *Covers defects caused by manufacturing. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, including but not limited to breakage caused by abuse, improper usage, water damage or other causes outside of the manufacturing process

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