Types Of Mouse Grip

Does One Mouse Fit All?
  • Palm Grip - the most popular grip type
  • Claw Grip - for RTS / Action-RTS gamers
  • Tip Grip - for extreme rapid movement

Does One Mouse Fit All?

When it comes to choosing the right gaming mouse based on its shape, size, weight and any other of the obvious attributes, there has not been one mouse that could satisfy the needs of all.  And there should not be.

EpicGear believes that the overall ergonomic preference on gaming mice is subjective, but such subjective preference can be better satisfied in an objective way.  Which is why each of EpicGear’s gaming mice is uniquely designed based on the different types of mouse-grip in consideration of different game-type applications.
So far, there are three main grip types that have been identified; the most popular “palm grip”, the fast growing “claw grip”, and the somewhat extreme “tip grip”. 

Palm Grip

Palm grip is undoubtedly the most popular grip type which takes up more than 50% of the market and this is not limited to gaming.  

The popularity of palm grip can be understood for its natural and relaxed way for the hand to be resting on the mouse with the most contact points and support.  Mice made to this grip type are usually wider, longer and have a steeper back arch in order to provide the hand with maximum support. Even though they provide a more relaxed position for the hand, palm grip mice tend to suffer in agility and are normally less suitable for games require repeating rapid movements, but ideal for delicate and accurate gliding control. 

Claw Grip

Claw grip, even though less popular than palm, has been gaining the liking from gamers together with the RTS and Action-RTS game types that are becoming ever so popular nowadays.  As its name suggest, the hand is arched up with less contact points on the mouse, forming a claw like shape. Mice made to this grip type are usually shorter with less aggressive back arch angle but a more agile overall presence. 

Compare to the palm grip type mice, claw grip mice are more suitable for fast gliding and provide users the feeling of control when moving fast back and forth across the screen. 

Tip Grip

Tip grip is the most extreme grip type of the three, with minimal contact points between the hand and the mouse. This type of grip is only using the tip of the fingers to steer the entire mouse in extremely rapid movements with the least restrain of the hand and wrist. Mice chassis made to this grip type tend to be very light, very short and normally with the flattest back arch angle of the three. 

Everything about tip grip is designed around speed, which it surely excels in. However, due to the minimal contact points and support of the hand, tip grip might not be ideal when the gliding movements are required to be slower, delicate and precise.